Demand for data catalogs is soaring as organizations struggle to inventory distributed data assets to facilitate data monetization and conform to regulations.*

Data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers will learn how to create true data discovery in their organizations, making the catalog a key enabler for data-driven innovation and data governance. 

How do you search for data at work? It can be difficult and time-consuming. Sometimes it even seems impossible. This book introduces a practical solution to searching for data: the data catalog.

Author Ole Olesen-Bagneux, PhD, explains the benefits of implementing a data catalog. You'll learn how to organize the data for your catalog, search for the data you need, and manage the data once it's in the catalog. This book is written from a data management perspective but also from a library and information science perspective.

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What a data catalog is and how it can help your organization search for data

How to organize data in a catalog, including its sources, where it belongs, and how to describe it with metadata

How to manage your data catalog, create access to data sources, and browse relational graph structures across systems and domains

The Enterprise Data Catalog

The Enterprise Data Catalog




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How to search your data, including its sources, and how it travels and changes in data lineage

How to implement a data catalog in a way that exactly matches the strategic priorities of your organization

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